The Voloci Story

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The Voloci Story

Bert with a Voloci electric motorbikeNova Cruz Products first introduced the Voloci to the world in March of 2002. At that time, Nova Cruz was located in Dover, New Hampshire (what's up with techies and New Hampshire anyway?) and was known for their high quality adult kick scooter called the Xootr. The Xootr scooter was carried by Sharper Image and moved in units upwards of many hundreds per month. The folks at Nova Cruz truly anticipated the same for their Voloci Electric Motorbike. Indeed, why should they not? The media received the product with open arms. It was described as "cheaper than a used Civic" and, "the answer to your lousy commute" by Popular Science in March 2002. Self magazine called it a "Big Wheel for Grown-ups, but better," in June 2002. Add to this media attention the general performance of the bike and what was a boom in the personal electric vehicle market, the Voloci seemed a sure bet. And it still is today through NYCEwheels, Inc. NYCEwheels, a New York City based retail and service shop catering to the personal electric vehicle market became a Voloci dealer straight off the bat.

The first Voloci electric motorbikes rolled with ease out of NYCEwheels door on June 14th, 2002. And every one thereafter did as well, until it wasn't possible to have a Voloci order filled. Just about a year after the Voloci hit the market, Nova Cruz hit tough times and finally closed their doors during late spring of 2003. Xootr became its own company and continues to manufacture their Xootr kick scooters today.

After about 6 moths of hibernation, the Voloci is back and under the auspices of NYCEwheels, Inc. Bert Cebular is sole owner of NYCEwheels and a long time electric vehicle enthusiast. Bert is an Austrian cabinet maker who came to America in 1993. Within 3 years of being here and working for a contractor, Bert started his own business as a General Contractor called BATU. BATU is still in the high end residential renovation business in Manhattan's Upper East Side. It was traveling from jobsite to jobsite in the late 90s that Bert became interested in the electric bicycle market. His ride of choice was a Zappy electric scooter.

"There was no better way to get back and forth from client meetings. No parking hassles, no tickets. I still love my first Zap." -Bert Cebular.

So, in August of 2001 NYCEwheels was incorporated in the State of New York and opened its doors shortly after. It was a questionable time to open a new business what with the tragedy of September 11th and all. In fact, the grand opening party was first scheduled for September 22nd but was pushed up while the city caught its collective breath. A month later, the grand opening party was held and the doors were officially opened. Bert, still a General Contractor, is interested in promoting electric powered personal transportation. Like so many of us in this industry, Bert believes that alternative transportation is the key to a healthy and sustainable future. Not to mention, cost effective, efficient and a ton of fun. That is why the Voloci Electric Motorbike seemed like such a no-brainer to Bert. It is a serious alternative to pulling out the car, or hopping in a cab, to run errands around town. A serious alternative for main stream people who think electric scooters are children's toys, or, who don't even think of electric transportation at all. The Voloci is, after all, extremely cool.

The product makes a lot of sense in an urban environment. It is lightweight and portable. Safe for indoor storage and impressive to look at! With a top speed of 30 mph and range exceeding 20 miles per charge, it can be the answer to most New Yorkers ground transport woes. This is a town where traffic moves at an average of 7 mph during rush hour. The Daily News once clocked a cross town bus as moving slower than a chicken! On a Voloci there is no need to wait in traffic. Leaving the traffic behind is the best reason to buy a Voloci in New York, or any other congested area. As of January 1st 2004, NYCEwheels owns, manufactures and distributes the Voloci Electric Motorbike. Bert has made himself personally responsible for quality checking every unit so he spends at least a day a week traveling to the Voloci facility in Scranton, PA. The Voloci Technical Forum, an online discussion group moderated by Ken Trough, Voloci owner/expert, was established in the Fall of 2003. The Forum along with NYCEwheels staff, are in place to provide on-going service and support for new and existing Voloci customers. It is through the customer network itself that Bert hopes to grow the Voloci brand and the trend towards a more sustainable future.

How sustainable is Voloci under NYCEwheels? Only time will tell. If the success of Bert and NYCEwheels has any part in the answer, you're going to see Voloci Electric Motorbikes on the road in your town soon.

The Voloci Electric Motorbike has unfortunately been discontinued. However, NYCeWheels sells a large selection of electric bicycles that use even better batteries and electric motors!