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Voloci SLA electric motorbike review

The test unit I received last weekend was run on both the dynamometer and in limited field tests, and proved to be quite a good performer. Actually, I prefer it to the Voloci with the NIMH battery even though it's considerably heavier at 107 lbs. There's something about those 3-16A/hr Hawkers that gives me "peace of mind"! :)

1) After a 2 hour "top-off" charge, the SLA Voloci was installed in the dyno test fixture, and the throttle set for a constant 20 MPH speed. The cycle ran for 73.5 minutes before shutting down. Average speed for the entire run was 19.4 MPH. A total of 24.1 miles was covered in this test.

2) A pair of Soneil 3610's (in parallel) bulk charged the 3 Hawkers in 1:45 minutes. I let the chargers run for an additional 2:15 minutes to be certain they were fully charged before taking the Voloci out on the road.

3) I used my regular 9 mile closed loop for the field tests. This loop consists of numerous starts and stops, intersections that only require slowing, and moderate hills. During the test I stopped three times (for about 5 minutes each) to simulate what a rider might do on an average trip to town. In order to maintain an average speed of 20 MPH, I cruised at 22 or 23 MPH for brief periods. The unit ran for 64 minutes at an average speed of 19.1 MPH, and covered 20.6 miles. These results were in line with the dynamometer predictions, yielding the expected 85% of fixed speed testing.

4) The following day the Voloci was set up again on the dyno, and run in the "economy mode" to cut-off. Not surprisingly, the performance was significantly better. At an average speed of 17.8 MPH, the unit ran for 98.5 minutes and covered 29.4 miles!

5) Unfortunately, I didn't have time to complete further testing. However, based on the actual numbers it's possible to conclude the following with some degree of certainty: At 15 MPH average speed - ON THE DYNO - the Voloci will reach about 35 miles range. If the 85% rule holds - and there's no reason to believe it won't - the unit should have a useful "real world" range of about 30 miles at 15 MPH.

6) Again based on estimates, I think it's fair to say the SLA powered Voloci will get you about 15+ miles at 25-28 MPH. Of course, this assumes you aren't nailing the throttle at every stop sign!

7) What's my personal opinion after riding and testing both the SLA and NIMH versions? I like the SLA Voloci better! The added weight will certainly be a consideration to those owners living on the second floor! The fact that the SLA battery pack is NOT removable (unlike the easily removed NIMH pack) means nothing to me, since the cycle will never be lifted higher than the 6" step leading into my shop. The added "umph!" of the Hawkers is something you can feel in the acceleration, and is even more evident toward the end of the battery life. Even in the last mile of useful power, the SLA version Voloci was able to achieve over 20 MPH on flat ground!

Scott MacGregor, EV Deals

The SLA Voloci is no longer available. Here is a link with our current electric scooters