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We are moving!

We've done lots of work in the new space! The owners of NYCWheels have brought their expertise and amazing European ultra high-quality craftsmanship from Austria to New York City. This gives our store an exciting clean modern look! It only makes sense that the leading Alternative and Green Transportation store in the entire U.S- NYCEWheels should also be the cleanest coolest showroom you ever saw.

Opening January 25th 353 East 58th Street, NY 10022 between 1st and 2nd Avenue Google Maps

Yes, itís the look of the Future! Here Today!! to serve you Now!!! We'll be doing more interior design in the next couple of weeks to give you a completely new and improved customer experience in this incredible new shop.
In a city, that is used to tight spaces and cramped quarters this large, highly aesthetic beautiful space is ten times larger than our old store! We are now even more of a destination store than ever! With customers from all over The USA and The World, this is an exciting time for NYCEWheels and we are really looking forward to seeing you.

We canít wait to start putting out gigantic bigger floor space to good use. And what will that good use be ?? Helping to get more and more people out of the subways, out of their cars and onto their bikes.

Experience the new store and a new Clean Green Fun alternative way to get around. We will be opening on January 25!!! We canít wait, but have to be patient, as we are now putting the finishing touches on this great new spot in NYC. So stay tuned! Check our website often because thereís always something new and exciting. So come on down!! See you there..