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What does a Tune Up include?

Unlike other online shops, we fully tune your bike before packaging it up and shipping it out. All bikes will have their brakes and gears adjusted for smooth shifting and precise stopping. We’ll also make sure all pivot points are properly lubricated, and all bolts are tightened so the bike is safe to ride. There’s slight differences in how different bikes will arrive when shipped, for more info sees the guidelines below.

Brompton, Tern, and Dahon (16” and 20” wheels)

The smaller folding bikes will come fully assembled and tuned, with all parts installed. You may have to fill up the tires a bit, as we typically ship them half full to prevent shipping damage. You simply unfold and enjoy!

Tern, Dahon and IF Move (24” and 26” wheels)

These slightly larger bikes will come fully assembled and tuned, with all parts installed minus the right pedal. When installing the right pedal, be sure to thread it in counter clockwise.

Montague Bikes

These slightly larger bikes will come fully tuned. The rear tire will be deflated to prevent rim deformation during shipping. Also, depending on model, the handlebar is moved from the center, or removed completely to protect the bike from damages during handling. The right pedal will also not be installed, and can be threaded in counter clockwise. You will find required tools to install /adjust handlebar and pedal wrench in a box with accessories.

Electric bikes

All electric bikes will arrive fully tuned with both pedals removed and handlebars twisted parallel to the bike.

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