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Why Are Electric Bike Kits Are So Popular?

Electric bike kits have been getting more and more popular as the world of electric assist makes its way into bicycling. What is it about these kits that makes them so enticing? Why would someone choose an electric bike kit over and electric bike? The answer to these questions are quite simple really, once you begin to understand electric bike kits from a certain perspective. Let's tackle these two questions separately, starting with why electric bike kits are so enticing.

What makes an electric bike kit so appealing?

Electric bike kits are gaining favor for a few reasons. The primary reason is that you can use an electric bike kit to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike. This allows you to keep the bicycle that you like, the bicycle that fits you perfectly, while at the same time providing you with all the features you would expect from an electric bike. This is especially important for people who have unique bicycles like recumbents, beach cruisers, or hand cycles.

Specialty electric bicycles are often hard to find and very expensive so instead of buying a difficult to track down electric bike why not just convert the bicycle that you know and love to an electric bike? That is the primary driving force behind electric bike kits.

But the ability to install an electric bike conversion kit on almost any bike is not the only reason they have been gaining ground, electric bike kits - the good ones anyway - tend to have some of the most advanced motors and batteries. Take the BionX electric bike kit for example:

  • BionX electric bike kits have SONY Lithium Manganese batteries. These are some of the highest quality Lithium batteries available and will last you up to 5 years before replacement.
  • BionX electric bike kits use some of the most light weight and compact electric hub motors. These electric bicycle motors are brushless and gearless, making them very low resistance and extremely low maintenance.
  • The BionX bike kit is totally digital, constantly monitoring your physical force and providing smooth and integrated motor assistance as you ride.

Okay, but why would I choose an electric bike kit over an electric bike?

Well the fact that you can choose your own bicycle frame is a big reason. With electric bikes there is very little selection of frame style and mechanical features. You either have to go with something very basic with a good motor or something souped up and expensive with a good frame and motor. One of those two poles may sound fine to you, but wouldn't you rather find a bicycle frame that fits you just right and is very well built and then add an electric bike kit to it? That way you can have the best of both worlds: a great mechanical bicycle and a sophisticated and well made electric bike kit.

I guess if you're reading this you may already be searching for an electric bike kit (in which case I'm preaching to the choir) but if you're still undecided you should keep researching electric conversion kits and read our electric bike kit articles. These are great resources to help you decide what's right for you.