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Women's Electric Bike Guide

Giant Twist Freedom DX electric bike Ladies are just as excited about the electric bike trend as men. But are there electric bikes that are designed for women? The answer isn't as easy as a simple "yes" or "no." To find out why, check out this guide to women's electric bikes.

The Step-Through Design

In the past, men and women's bicycles have generally been distinguished by the angles of the top tube. This is the upper bar that runs from the head tube (the bar running down from the handlebars) to the seat tube (the bar that runs down from seat). For men's bikes, the top tube runs nearly parallel to the ground. Meanwhile, women's bikes have a top tube that's angled downwards from the head tube to the seat tube. This top tube placement on women's bikes is called a step-through design.

Changes in Bike Marketing

It's becoming less and less common to see bikes that are marketed to only one gender. This has proven to be good for both cyclists and manufacturers for several reasons. First of all, it makes more sense for companies to make a unisex version of their bike that can be used by either men or women. It's more practical and allows them to guarantee the same features and specs regardless of the user's gender.

In addition, more riders are sharing bicycles with partners, roommates or friends. It doesn't make sense to have a version that only works for one gender in these situations.

Unisex Electric Bikes

A2B Shima Electric Bike Unisex bike designs are becoming increasingly popular and are often considered a sign of a more modern, advanced bike. So it's no surprise that electric bikes have been leading the way with this trend. In fact, the vast majority of electric bikes are designed for use by either gender. Many feature the step-through design that was once associated with women's bikes. This style is easier to mount, which is a great selling point for commuters and other people who want a bike that's easy to use and comfortable to ride. The following is just a sampling of the bike models offered at NYCeWheels with this modern design:
Some electric bikes still have a top tube that goes straight across rather than angling downward. However, they generally aren't marketed only to men, and can still be used by women. This top bar position is more common with electric mountain bikes and other bikes which require a particularly sturdy, rugged frame. Examples from our lineup at NYCeWheels include:
Surly Moonlander with custom BionX motor As you can see it's still possible to get an electric bike with either the traditional men's or women's design. The big difference, however, is that it no longer matters what the rider's gender is. So ladies, take note - you can order any electric bike from NYCeWheel! You can finally choose the style that works best for you without having to factor in for a separate "women's" design. We consider every customer an equal on the road regardless of their gender.

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