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Xootr, accessories and parts

Xootr kick scooters are durable, aluminum push scooters ideal for city commuters with a lightweight and compact profile built for the rough terrain of city streets. Parts and accessories for the Xootr are available at NYCeWheels. For locking pins, carry bags, carrying straps, high speed wheel bearings, a front brake, spring and cable kit, handle bars, steering pins, steering columns and more for your kick scooter, check out the Xootr parts and accessories sold at NYCeWheels. The Xootr handle cap kit compatible with all Xootr scooters comes with a brake cable and a new cap and screws to fit the old and newer scooters to replace a broken plastic or aluminum handle cap. The carry bag for Xootr kick scooters enables riders to comfortably transport their kick scooter and keeps it protected from getting scratched up. Orders to NYCeWheels usually ship fast, often within one business day of your order.