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Xootr Models: a Comparison

When you come into NYCeWheels to test ride a scooter, you will notice that despite the plethora of different styles of Xootr brand scooters, only one is available for test ride, the CityKicker. This is because while they each look different, all the Xootrs perform pretty similarly when ridden. So why the many different models and prices?

Xootr MG looking goodThe most straightforward answer is aesthetics. Kick scooters are vehicles designed for having fun, and it makes sense that one would want to pick a scooter that matches their personal aesthetic style. Thus, you can go for the Xootr Cruz's classic look of raw lacquer on birch, or the perforated, metallic, futuristic look of the Venus scooter. For minimalists, there's the Roma kick scooter, which is based around a plain, solitary stretch of aluminum, while the Xootr MG offers a multitude of color options that ensure the scooter will be able to match even the most ardent fashionista's palette. At the top of the Xootr line is the Street kick scooter, which rocks a skateboard-style deck with a nicely grippy top surface and a luxuriously wide footprint.

There are also some functional differences between each of the Xootr models. For anyone looking for a compact kick scooter option, the Xootr Roma and Venus scooters are ideal--their slim decks ensure that these scooters take up the least amount of space when folded. Many of our customers are looking for models that they can ride with a child, in which case the fuller decks featured on the MG, CityKicker, Cruz, and Street kick scooters will be preferred.

Xootr Street on the streetAll the Xootr scooters are extremely sturdy and well constructed, but the materials used vary a bit. Most models are fabricated from solid pieces of aluminum for a strong but lightweight setup. The MGs and CityKickers, however, utilize solid sheets of magnesium for their boards in order to shave as many ounces as possible. The Xootr Cruz is the only member of the family to feature a wooden deck, which is treated to be weatherproof. All the models use steel handlebars for maximal tensile strength.

No matter which Xootr you choose, you will end up with a cleverly designed, speedy, and safe scooter. If you are excited to ride one of the best push scooters in the world, come by the shop and pick out your favorite Xootr today!

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