Tom's Xootr Kick Scooter Review

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Tom's Xootr Kick Scooter Review

Through the eyes of an avid bicyclist, a kick scooter could be unfairly stereotyped as a childish machine, not as useful as a bike, and above all unnecessary for a daily adult life. After all, you can't do anywhere near the same distance on a kick scooter in the amount of time it would take you to go on a folding bike , right? Although this last statement is true, Xootr kick scooters can offer many benefits and might even be found more useful than a bike to those who don't need to go long distances quickly.

The functionally small design (about 10 lbs.) along with the many great features and add-ons make this scooter 'kick' some serious asphalt. If you need assistance in speeding up walking time, (walking to and from the train, taking your child to school, various errands, etc.) but find that a bike is unnecessary, than a Xootr kick scooter might be the solution to your problems. Under many conditions scooters are the fastest way to travel distances of less than a mile. In fact, walking a half mile on level ground takes about 10 minutes for a reasonably fit adult, whereas on a kick scooter, you can travel the same distance in 3 minutes. Also, they fold up in under ten seconds and don't need to be locked or chained up outside like a bike would. After all, the Xootr was designed by Lunar Design, one of the five most award winning design firms in the country.

What Xootr has done for us is they have made it possible to turn your traditional kick scooter into a commuter machine. To start, the traditionally small wheels that have been known to assist in flight when they get stuck in cracks at high speeds have grown to 7" tires with alloy rims. These help you coast tremendously better and help you reach higher speeds than the traditional scooter wheels that require constant kicking. These kick scooters are equipped with handbrakes and feature additional Fender brakes for sale that double as mudguards. For the refined taste, a carrying strap and/or bag are also available options.

As for the riding experience, the handlebars along with the design of the kick scooter make for easy and swift turning; agile and touch sensitive and responsive; this scooter can help the slowest, least nimble of the bunch zip through traffic like a Chinese food delivery guy.

If you are looking for a lightweight, reliable mode of transportation that is easy to fold/store/transport/maintain that can speed up your travel time, or even just something to cruise around on for fun, Xootr's kick scooters are revolutionary products and might be your long-sought answer to your short range transportation problem.