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Xootr kick scooter tips

Xootr Know How


There are many deciding factors when it comes to picking a Xootr kickscooter. You can ponder over the price, weight, size, shape, personal appeal, or what it's made out of. Either way you look at it, these adult kick scooters are all different, but still very similar; a good reason why it's hard to pick the perfect Xootr. From what I see, people's main concern is the scooter's deck size,and if you are one of the people concerned with the width of the deck because both feet don't fit side-to-side, you should simply try riding different.
Try riding your kick scooter with you front foot straight (toes pointing to the front wheel) and the back foot sideways, (toes pointing to the side) all the while putting most of your weight on top of the back foot, making it easy for you to lean your Xootr to cut into your turns. You should push with your back foot, and can switch up your stance to accommodate any cramping or sore legs. Hold on and lean back when you brake.
Now that you know how to ride a Xootr, what else would you have to know. Well, considering most of the Xootr owners are commuters, weight is also important. From lightest to heaviest, their weights are as follows, in pounds:

Roma Kick Scooter: 9.96
M.G. Kick Scooter: 10.24
Venus Kick Scooter: 10.46
Cruz Kick Scooter: 10.88
Street Kick Scooter: 11.22

Price is also an obvious issue, and a common question. So, what really is the reason for the cost difference? Well, to start, materials used is a major factor. For instance, the Street, Venus, and Roma's deck are all made using a computer-numerically controlled (CNC) machine tool. They start with a 10 lb. (4.5 kg) block of aluminum and remove all but less than 2 lbs. of it. Resulting in lightly heavier, but stronger scooters; so strong, in fact, that the Venus and Street are bulletproof, and can be ran over by a truck without breaking.
The MG costs less to make, so even though it's the most advanced scooter, it is priced in the middle to make it available to as many people as possible.

Xootr tips: It is beneficial to lean on that back foot if you're going to be using the front hand-brake, which is generally not too strong, but can still give you enough forward momentum to throw your body forward. The reason they don't have a rear handbrake on the Xootrs, is because in the past with other push scooters (and some currently) a well functioning rear brake will result in "flat spots" on the wheel, transforming your scooter into what sounds like a motorcycle. They do, however, have a rear fender brake, which stops a little less efficiently, but assists the front brake so that its brake pad doesn't wear out as fast. With continuous usage after being worn down, the front brake can actually start corroding one side of the wheel; an easy fix for anyone who bought their Xootr at NYCeWheels , as they offer service on all products bought from them. (keep up the good work, Izzy!) The fender is also an understood must if you're going to be riding the Xootr everyday, rain or shine (or just wet), in order to keep the dirt and water on the roads or sidewalks off the back of your leg. Also, If you need to carry the Xootr kick scooter for extended periods of time, the strap and/or bag might be a necessity if you need to be hands free. The fender, bag, and strap are all available separate, or for an extra $50 when purchased as a kit for any model.