The success of Xootr kick scooters

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The success of Xootr kick scooters

A lot of different factors play into the success of a product. Of course, first and foremost there's the quality of the product itself. Xootr is known for their high-quality kick scooters. There is literally nothing else like them. Sturdy, durable, and beautifully designed, people are attracted to Xootr kick scooters because they know that they will not only get the job done, but also stick around and get the job done time and time again.

The market is of course also a factor in a product's success. Sometimes you have a great product, but it just doesn't fit into the market when it's released: either there isn't currently a demand for its specific function, or perhaps it costs more than one would ideally like to pay. Xootr kick scooters are not only affordable, but fit a myriad of needs. In New York alone, countless people are looking for ways to travel across the city. They want something fast, free, and easy. A Xootr kick scooter can be folded up and taken anywhere, saves you on the cost of a taxi or the subway, cuts down on walking time, and is simpler than a bike. There's no denying that a kick scooter can transform a person's day.

Another determining factor of the success of a product is the manufacturer itself. It's not just an issue of the business decisions they make, how they advertise, or who they sell to, but also some of the behind-the-scenes interactions that the customer is never exposed to. How a manufacturer interacts with its dealers ultimately determines how the dealers respond to their products. We've had instances where we stopped carrying an otherwise quality product simply because dealing with the manufacturer of that product had been a nightmare. Either they were unresponsive to our emails and phone calls, were disorganized and messed up our orders, or had such a sloppy warranty process that handling their product simply ate up too much of our time. If a dealer isn't confident in a manufacturer's ability to support their product and customers in an effective and timely manner, the dealer won't be inclined to carry their product.

Do kick scooters have a patron saint yet?

Xootr is a shining example of everything a manufacturer should be. Aside from putting out a great, quality kick scooter that we can only say positive things about, their staff is also made up of quality people. They have one particular person on their staff that we happily interact with on a daily basis: Steve. Without a doubt, Steve is an important factor in Xootr's success.

Ok, we're not going to lie. This entire article up until this point has all been pretext. We basically just want to thank Steve and take a moment to tell all of you how great he is. Simply put, Steve is one of the nicest people we've ever spoken to.

Speaking from a business standpoint, he's prompt, thorough, helpful, and reliable. Speaking from a human standpoint, he is just a REALLY, REALLY NICE GUY. Completely separate from his job, it goes way beyond dealer and customer support. Speaking to Steve always makes our day. Customers of ours that have spoken to him and dealt with him directly also often remark on this phenomenon. Phrases like 'very pleasant,' 'extremely helpful,' and 'saintly' are bandied about, and deservingly so.

Steve is the reason we order Xootr kick scooters in bulk. Sure, we know that they're popular and that we'll sell them in no time at all, but it's our faith in Steve that makes it so effortless. It's hard for us to sell a Xootr kick scooter here in the shop without mentioning Steve. As such, Steve is pretty much built into the Xootr name.

"As a customer, how should I handle this information? This Steve guy sounds great! Should I ask for him directly if I ever call or email Xootr? Should I try to find out where he lives? How many kick scooters do I need to buy to win a dinner with him? I mean, I want to be friends with him now. Oh man, do you think he'd like me?"

Well, customer, to be fair to Steve, he doesn't really know that we're putting this page about him on our website. He prefers to keep a low profile, performing his acts of support and kindness from the background. The best way to treat all of this information would be to simply know it and appreciate it, allowing it to make you feel warm inside as you purchase and ride your Xootr kick scooter. When you see us in the shop or pass another Xootr owner on the street it would be appropriate to give each other a knowing smile and nod, and perhaps a wink or high five. It's a love that we can cherish all day, and it doesn't require that we constantly express it to him. We know that this article in and of itself might contradict that last statement, but we're allowed this one trespass. We met him first.

UPDATE! 2/4/11: Xootr Scooter Riders Still Love Steve!

Sue wrote us after reading this article and wanted to add her two cents about Steve's excellent customer service.

I just want to comment on your terrific Xootr, I mean Steve article. I am in absolute agreement.

I talk about Steve frequently, have been an avid Xootrer for past 3 years. It is my main source of transport here in Norfolk, VA and was last year in Seattle, WA. I have had many phone and email connections with Steve and last winter he remembered who I was.

That was a very good day. And yes, helpful, yes reliable, overall as you have aptly described, a truly amazing human being. I am glad that he is in the world!

I was thrilled to happen upon your article. Thanks for your kind thoughts!