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Xootr Swift Folding Bike: A Solid Commuter

In a folding bicycle shop, it is easy to be overwhelmed by larger companies that carry many varieties of folding bikes and have name recognition around the world. However, in some cases you'll have that one folding bike that stands out above the rest, either because of local pride or maybe a certain attention to quality and durability that places it above the others. A good example of this is the Xootr Swift folding bike.

The Xootr Swift folder was designed by Peter Reich, of Design Mobility in Brooklyn. Due to this, we see a lot of prototypes of his Swift Folder design on the streets of New York. Peter has been active in the local folding bike community, and we often find him at events like the Folds Up! Folding Bike ride, folding bike festivals, and other cool bike-specific events. His innovative design still turns heads, even ten years after it was first introduced.

So what's so great about the Xootr Swift folding bike? Perhaps is the simple folding design. Just open up two quick-release levers on the seat post and pull the seat out. Kick the wheel underneath and drop the seat back down to lock it in place. It takes about five seconds. An additional perk is the removable handlebar. Just pop open another quick release and you can stow the handlebars alongside the frame. There's nothing to unscrew, nothing to adjust, and there's really only one step (two maximum) to the folding process.

At 24 lbs, the Xootr Swift folding bike is one of the lighter folding bikes in our store. It has 8 speeds, so city commuting is made easy, and on 20" wheels, this baby can fly.

The Xootr Swift folding bike is available in metallic blue and silver. It's one of the most rugged folding commuter bikes in our store, and a convenient folding bike. Stop in and check it out!