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Find Your Electric Bike, Folding Bike, and Electric Bicycle Kit at NYCeWheels!

With an electric bike or your own bicycle with an electric bike kit installed you can ride with less effort and have the fun you deserve.

Does climbing a steep hill or riding longer distances seem intimidating on a regular bike? With an electric bicycle you can remove these boundaries, enjoying wide open freedom and fun - smiles guaranteed!

In addition to electric bikes we carry several brands of folding bikes, kick scooters, and electric scooters. Each of these products can be combined with other forms of transportation, expanding your mobility and decreasing the time of your daily commute.

We welcome you to transform your life, the lives of those around you, and soon enough the very communities that you live in.

We are located at 1603 York Ave. New York, NY 10028. Hours are 11-7 Monday to Saturday and 11-5 Sunday. You can test ride any day it is not raining.

This month's featured video:
Best Folding Bike and Electric Reviews

We want to make sure you have the knowledge to make the right decisions! That's why NYCeWheels works hard to bring you the best engaging video reviews of folding bicycles, electric bicycles, and kick scooters. You don't need to be an expert, let us guide you through the process of finding exactly what bike is right for you. Buying a bicycle is fun and we're here to help you have the most fun along the way.
News & Updates:

Folding bike dahon formula with electric kit from Bionx NYCewheels

Riding on the success of our Electric Brompton conversion, the Dahon Formula S18 Electric is one of our most satisfying custom electric bike setups to date, and it has quickly become one of our most popular electric folding bikes around. The small fold and custom battery have quickly put this bike in the NYCeWheels Hall of Fame. If we had one, that is. To further sweeten the deal, this is also one of the lightest and best value folding electric bikes we have. Read more about this impressive piece of engineering here.

Products we specialize in:
Electric bikes from Kettler, UltraMotor, Stromer and Currie eFlow

Electric bikes

give you the boost you need to get out and enjoy a bike ride. Whether you use an electric bike for commuting or just having fun on the weekends you'll save money on gas, get in shape with low intensity exercise, and enjoy the fresh air without all the sweat.

We carry only the best electric bicycles, including the most popular Stromer Bike, the super efficient Kettler Twin, the powerful A2B Metro, and the amazing new Currie eFlow electric Bikes.
Folding bike from Brompton, Dahon, Montague and Tern

Folding bikes

are designed for portability and easy use. The folding bicycle is popular with commuters, pilots, boaters and RVs. Here in New York City, fold-up bikes are popular space savers in tight apartments too. With a folding bicycle you have the independence to take your bike wherever you like.

Our selection of compact folding bicycles includes the Brompton bike, Dahon Bikes, Tern Bicycles, Montague bicycles and Pacific Cycles folding bikes.
Electric bike motor kits

Electric bike motor kits

are designed to retrofit a standard non-powered bicycle or recumbent bicycle with an electric motor. It's generally less expensive than purchasing a ready to ride electric bicycle and an electric bike motor allows you to use the bike you already know and love.

We are currently only carrying the best on the market, the BionX electric bike motor kit. We are one of the first, the most experienced BionX dealer in the USA. We've come to appreciate BionX for it's quality and easy operation.

Kick scooters

or push scooters are the most portable, most compact rides we offer. CityKicker adult kick scooters are made of lightweight aluminum, weighing in at around 10 lbs, and like all our adult kick scooters can easily be carried or stored under a desk or in the trunk of the smallest plane or sports car. A kick scooter is perfect for short range commuting.

Our KickPed scooter is the tool of choice for the short-range NYC commuter. It's got a Made-In-USA Steel frame and a simple one step folding process, making it the toughest and easiest kick scooter on the market.

NYCeWheels is a New York City based dealer and full service shop. NYCeWheels is located on the Upper East Side in NYC, 1603 York avenue, New York, NY 10028.

NYCeWheels is open MON-SAT 11am - 7pm and SUN 11am - 5pm and provide free test rides of our electric bikes, folding bikes, and kick scooters (assuming that it isn't raining.)

We ship our electric bikes and folding bikes fully assembled and tuned-up, ready to ride, throughout the country. Outside of New York, California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Oregon are our leading states.
We also ship internationally - the UK, Germany and Spain are leading the pack there though we are currently not able to ship electric bicycles