Find Your Electric Bike, Folding Bike, and Electric Bicycle Kit at NYCeWheels! –

Find Your Electric Bike, Folding Bike, and Electric Bicycle Kit at NYCeWheels!

With an electric bike or your own bicycle with an electric bike kit installed you can ride with less effort and have the fun you deserve.

Does climbing a steep hill or riding longer distances seem intimidating on a regular bike? With an electric bicycle you can remove these boundaries, enjoying wide open freedom and fun - smiles guaranteed!

In addition to electric bikes we carry several brands of folding bikes, kick scooters, and electric scooters. Each of these products can be combined with other forms of transportation, expanding your mobility and decreasing the time of your daily commute.

We welcome you to transform your life, the lives of those around you, and soon enough the very communities that you live in.

We are located at 353 E 58th St. New York, NY 10022. Hours are 11-7 Monday to Friday, 10-6 Saturday, and 11-5 Sunday. You can test ride any day it is not raining.
Forget test ride - how about joy ride? We don't sell just any clunkers - these are top quality. You're going to love your test rides. We'll show you how it works (where the turbo boost is) and even take your picture if you like! Test rides aren't scary at NYCeWheels. We've some how been graced with a nice quiet street to ride on in the middle of Manhattan - cool huh? And the road is calling you, "Test ride..."
It's a bike, not a doormat! You need to take good care of your ride and we're here to help. With expert service, fast turn around, and quality workmanship NYCeWheels is fully equipped to keep your bike or scooter riding smooth and quiet for years to come. But you need to do your part too - bring it on in for a check up! We're with you for life!
A great bike is awesome. A great bike with the perfect accessories is - well - perfect! We know what you'll need to get the most from your purchase. Whether it's a commuter bundle for your everyday ride to work or adding just the right cool gadget to make your bike your own we are excited to help you. Browse our curated selection of bike bling and get ready for the fullest cycling experience you've ever had!
Need a bike for the day? How about renting for an extended test ride? How about renting to own? How about trying out traveling with a bike? All of these things are possible at NYCeWheels. You need only ask.
We love this stuff. It's our Wheaties and our Cheerios. We eat, sleep, and drink bikes. Bikes bikes bikes! So when you visit or call in you can be sure the folks you're talking to will not only listen with interest, they'll actually take a personal pride in finding you the right product. Talk to us! You'll be happy you did
When we say large we mean big. Like huge. As in, "Can I get the red and teal one in a 17.5 inch frame with fenders and lights and can I have it today?" Yes - that sort of huge. Not just in our NYC store. We can ship it to you too! Whether you're down the block or across the country you'll benefit from our size and selection by getting your bike faster than anywhere else
We opened in 2001 fueled by a passion for bringing more fun, relaxation, and health to everyday life in New York City. Our silver bullet - alternative forms of transportation! Folding bikes, electric bikes, kick scooters, electric scooters... They get you out of cars/trains and out into the open air. They bring a smile to your face. They melt the stress. Our store has evolved quite a bit since we started. We learned what works and what doesn't. The brands to trust and to avoid. The type of shop we want to be and the experience we want for our customers. At NYCeWheels, it's all about you! Our products will make you a happier and healthier person and you'll have fun doing it. We can't wait to work with you!

This month's featured video:

Electric bike and folding bike video reviews!

We want to make sure you have the knowledge to make the right decisions! That's why NYCeWheels works hard to bring you the best engaging video reviews of folding bicycles, electric bicycles, and kick scooters.

Starting Satuday May 7th we'll be hosting free Brompton bike tours of New York City every Saturday at 3pm at our shop. We have plenty of Brompton bikes to loan out for the tours so no need to bring your own bike, we've got you covered!

  • Tern folding bicycles, a top quality folding bike
  • Kettler electric bikes
  • Dahon folding bicycles, our best value folding bikes
  • Pacific Cycles
  • GoPed electric scooters / kick scooters
  • Burley Bicycle Trailers
  • Brooks England, High Quality Leather Saddles
  • Micro Adult kick scooter, Micro Black & Micro White
  • BionX electric bike motor kit
  • Xootr LLC
  • Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter
  • Montague Folding Bikes
  • Stromer Electric Bicycles - Swiss Electric Bike
  • Currie iZip / eFlow - Beautiful Electric Bicycles
  • A2B Electric Bikes
  • Brompton bikes