Electric bike kit, electric motor conversion for your bicycle
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Electric bike kits|electric motor conversion for Bicycles

After installing an electric motor on your bicycle you'll feel like you've acquired super powers. Hills and distance will be easy for you thanks to the new boost of motor power.

Our electric bike motor kits come in a complete wheel and replace either the front or back wheel of most bicycles. You'll also get a battery, charger, and all wiring needed.

We've selected the electric bike motor kits listed below based on our years of expereince in the industry. These are the best electric bike kits available. They look great, are easy to install, and function flawlessly.

Our selection of electric motor kits for bicycles

BionX PL250, Lightweight Electric Bike Kit

  • Long life SONY battery cells
  • Your bike will have new life - more fun than ever!
  • Best quality motor system for the price
Starting at $1,079.10
BionX PL250 electric motor kit
BionX PL250 electric motor kit

BionX 350 watt Folding Bike conversion kit

  • Lightweight 6.4ah rear rack battery
  • Your folding bicycle will scoot up hills with ease
  • Pre-configured for easy installation
Starting at $1,079.10
Bionx folding bike
Bionx folding bike

BionX PL350 36V, Powerful Bike Motor Kit

  • Highest motor torque rating
  • You'll have plenty of power to pull weight and tackle hills
  • Designed to handle overheat better for long hills
Starting at $1,349.00
BionX PL350 electric motor kit
PL350 BionX motor kit

BionX SL350 48V, Premium Electric Bike Motor Kit

  • BionX's top-of-the-line 48V system
  • You'll have tons of battery life for your longest trips
  • Weighs as much as the PL250 but delivers the power of the PL350
Starting at $1,999.00
BionX SL350
BionX SL350

BionX D500, Next-Gen Electric Conversion Kit

  • Huge diameter motor for more torque
  • You will be able to climb nearly anything!
  • This is the high-performance BionX kit
Starting at $2,499.00

Electric motor kit for the Brompton folding bicycle

  • Fits the Brompton frame with absolutely no modification
  • You'll have so much fun it will probably replace your car
  • People will wonder how the heck your going so fast
Starting at $1,395.00
electric motor for Brompton bicycle
electric motor for Brompton bicycle

Folding bike motor kit for 20 inch wheels

  • Throttle activated front wheel motor
  • You'll enjoy the power delivered by this compact motor
  • Battery comes in custom NYCeWheels rear rack bag
Starting at $1,295.00
Electric motor kit for folding bicycles
Electric motor kit for folding bicycles

What will your electric motor kit be like?

Many of our customers write back to us about how easy it is to ride - and how much more often they take their bike out - after installing their electric bicycle motor kit. It makes sense: why relegate your current bike to a dusty corner? With a motor installed on it you'll get all the benefits of an electric bike at much less cost. Plus you can extend the investment you made in your current bicycle!

Original BionX replacement parts. (Motor, battery, charger, console...)

Original replacement parts for the BionX electric bicycle conversion kit. We stock all parts for the BionX motor kit, including batteries, chargers, consoles, motors, and wiring.

Original BionX replacement parts. (Motor, battery, charger, console...)
350 Watt BionX kit for Surly Fat Bikes

Looking to add a bit of power to your Surly fat bike? Our custom kit works for Pugsley and Moonlander bikes and is custom built to match the bike exactly.


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350 Watt BionX kit for Surly Fat Bikes