Gomier trike, best priced electric tricycle
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Gomier|Electric powered tricycle

Gomier|Electric powered tricycle

Gomier|Electric powered tricycle

Item # EP-TR-ELM
DISCONTINUED: We no longer carry the Gomier electric trike.
The brand new Gomier Electic trike is a value single speed electric trike. It comes fully equipped with fenders, basket, dual brakes and smart charger.

Gomier electric trike features:

  • Large capacity batteries
  • Safe riding - speed limited to prevent tipping over
  • Comes with basket
The Gomier Electric trike is a very good quality product without much maintenance needed. The motor puts out a solid 450 watts of power, strong enough for steep hills, efficient enough to run for a while on its standard batteries. The top speed of Electric trike is limited to 8mph which pretty much prevents the bike from tipping over in tight turns. The Lead acid battery pack on the Electric trike is over-sized @ 20Ah / 24volt and will give you around 8-10 miles per charge without pedaling or up to 25 with pedaling.
Note: the battery is not quick swappable for charging so your trike needs to be parked next to an electrical outlet for charging

SIZE: W-30" / L-69" / H-42" / (H-38" with handlebar folded down)
Total weight with batteries is 104 lbs

A neat feature is the maintenance free, silent belt drive.
The overall quality of the Electric Tricycle is outstanding.

We can ship your Electric trike directly to your local bike shop for final assembly or to your home if you are a seasoned bike mechanic.

Size24" Full Size Adult Trike
Motor450 watt, 24 volt high torque rugged brushed motor
Control35 amp, PVM variable speed control with thumb type paddle throttle
Battery24V, 20 AH sealed lead acid, no memory batteries
Range8-10 Miles per charge, up to 25 miles with pedaling
Total weight with batteries104 pounds.